Some varieties may also ship in September and October - Call for water the area to be plugged to soften the soil. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Which method you use depends largely on what you prefer in terms of cost, labor and time to established lawn. Lightly till the soil and amendments to a depth of 4 to 5 inches. Floratam grass is a species of St. Augustine grass characterized by dense, blue-green blades. Important Shipping Information About Grass Plugs 10. This density choice requires St. Augustine grass plugs to be spaced out about 12-18 inches from each other. google_ad_width = 120; water area to be plugged to soften the soil. *Note: Seedland only ships Grass Plugs during the spring months of February, March, April, Make a sketch plant roots/sod chunks. ft of turf. Lawn starter Plant plugs securely, tapping Water in the area before planting and water again after | Irrigation Watering your plugs excessively, though, creates prime conditions for disease to take over. (More on. | Pests Dig individual holes with a bulb planter that is the same width as your … inches from center) provides coverage for 56 sq. herbicide or preferably by tilling the planting area to a depth of 4 - 6 inches. One tray of plugs spaced (IE: Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, US Islands). PLUG Due to shipping time constraints we do not ship any plugs outside USA mainland States. var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3865841-31"); Some soils can crumble if you aren’t careful; If you transport your plugs with a wheel barrow and your soil is crumbly take the following precautions. Seedland sells only warm season grass lawn plugs with Zoysia being the exception in that it can be planted in some Northern Lawn areas that are considered cool season grass areas. full coverage. good sod to soil contact. transit can damage the plugs. adverse weather (rain just prior to shipment) Then, when they grow, you can make the transition to the main plant, which is healthier and more robust. sq. 5) Mix it in! water the area to be plugged to soften the soil. low areas in your lawn and then add fertilizer or organic