[5] The protests led to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. Supporters of the European integration of Ukraine, Kyiv:400,000–800,000 protesters[53]12,000 "self-defense sotnia"[54][55], 3,000–4,000 titushky[59] The word "Maidan" is a Turkish word meaning "square" or "open space" adopted by Ukrainians from the Ottoman Empire. It represents the Sun, originating in pagan religions, where it embodies divine, life-giving energy. ", "One of the victims was shot today by a sniper, another was killed from a handgun – medics", "Report: Lethal 'car stopper' bullets used against protesters during Hrushevskoho Street clashes", "Special Report: Flaws found in Ukraine's probe of Maidan massacre", "About the request by General prosecutor's office regarding permission for arrest of Berkut special company commander, suspected of killing 39 unarmed protesters. [227] Like in Kyiv, they locked hands in a human chain, symbolically linking Ukraine to the European Union (organisers claimed that some 100 people even crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border to extend the chain to the European Union). He was informed upon his arrival in Maidan to stay away from the hospitals in Kyiv to avoid Yanukovych's Berkut police capture (February 2014), This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 11:39. Its ultimate source is Proto-Indo-European *médʰyos - compare Avestan maiδya, Sanskrit मध्य (madhya) and Latin medius. The movement is precisely about what Nadya, the elderly woman, whose name means hope, said: justice. [371], On 18 December, the day after an economical agreement with Russia was signed, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov stated, "Nothing is threatening stability of the financial-economic situation in Ukraine now. This paper seeks to contribute to the debate by providing greater empirical and conceptual depth to the matter, and hopefully disarming those … On 19 January, a Sunday mass protest, the ninth in a row, took place gathering up to 200,000 in central Kyiv to protest against the new anti-protest laws, dubbed the Dictatorship laws. Early February 2014 saw a bombing of the Trade Unions Building,[179] as well as the formation of "Self Defense" teams by protesters.[180]. Almost 100 people were killed and another 900 injured during the violent standoff near Maidan Square in Kiev last month that forced president Yanukovich out of the country and installed a new government. The Ukrainian Maidan is one of the few revolutions that ended in victory. The circle also refers to the continuity of life and eternity. [316][317], On 2 April, law enforcement authorities announced in a press conference they had detained nine suspects in the 18–20 February shootings of Euromaidan activists, acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleh Makhnytsky reported. During the Euromaidan, there were protests and clashes with police throughout Ukraine, especially at the Maidan (central square) in Kyiv, which was occupied and barricaded by protesters, along with some administrative buildings,[82] including Kyiv City State Administration. Maidan (Ukrainian: Майдан) is a 2014 documentary film, directed by Sergei Loznitsa.It focuses on the Euromaidan movement of 2013 and 2014 in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Ukraine's capital Kyiv.It was filmed during the protests and depicts different aspects of the revolution, from the peaceful rallies to bloody clashes between police and civilians. We know that the most ancient symbols are simple geometric designs. The next day he fled the country and was removed from office by the Rada on 22 February 2014. You will know what is Yanukovych. The signing was witnessed by the Foreign Ministers of Germany and Poland, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Radosław Sikorski, respectively, and the Director of the Continental Europe Department of the French Foreign Ministry, Eric Fournier. Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that Viktor Yanukovych gave the order to fire on protesters on 20 February. The percentage of people who do not support the protesters was 81% in East Ukraine, 60% in South Ukraine[nb 11], in Central Ukraine 27% and in Western Ukraine 11%. The media suggested that it was not the Ukrainian riot police which fired on the protesters as previously believed, although the members of Alfa Team are Ukrainian citizens. Barricade with the protesters at Hrushevskogo street on January 26, 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. [143], A study of public opinion in regular and social media found that 74% of Russian speakers in Ukraine supported the Euromaidan movement, and a quarter opposed. [175], The opposition also demanded that the government resumed negotiations with the IMF for a loan that they saw as key to helping Ukraine "through economic troubles that have made Yanukovych lean toward Russia". [305], Following the revolution of 18–23 February that saw over 100 killed in gunfire, the government's new health minister, Oleh Musiy, a doctor who helped oversee medical treatment for casualties during the protests, suggested to The Associated Press that the similarity of bullet wounds suffered by opposition victims and police indicates the shooters were trying to stoke tensions on both sides and spark even greater violence, with the goal of toppling Yanukovych and justifying a Russian invasion. "[346][347] German chancellor Angela Merkel said she deemed Nuland's comment "completely unacceptable". [375], On 21 February 2014, Standard & Poor's cut Ukraine's credit rating to CCC; adding that the country risked default without "significantly favourable changes". With the recent surge in Ukrainian ultra-nationalism […] The charges will have a little real effect on Yanukovych, 69, who has lived in exile in the Russian city of Rostov since fleeing Ukraine under armed guard five years ago. [362], The Prime Minister, Mykola Azarov, asked for 20 billion Euros (US$27 billion) in loans and aid from the EU[134] The EU was willing to offer 610 million euros (838 million US) in loans,[135] however Russia was willing to offer 15 billion US in loans. Maidan is an originally Persian میدان word for a town square or public gathering place, borrowed into various other languages: Urdu میدان (maidān);Arabic مَيْدَان (maydān); Turkish meydan and Crimean Tatar, from which is also arrived in Ukrainian Maidan. Michael M. Naydan. [245] In other cities and towns, monuments were removed by organised heavy equipment and transported to scrapyards or dumps. 23 January Odessa city council member and Euromaidan activist Oleksandr Ostapenko's car was bombed. The formation of a co-ordinating committee to communicate with the European community. [302] For example, as Reuters' own investigation found out, the senior among arrested officers was missing his right hand after an accident 6 years ago. [153] The Financial Times said the 2013 protests were "largely spontaneous, sparked by social media, and have caught Ukraine's political opposition unprepared" compared to their well-organised predecessors. The first thing to understand about Ukraine today is that it has entered a revolutionary stage. [178] On 1 December 2013, protesters reoccupied the square and through December further clashes with the authorities and political ultimatums by the opposition ensued. [397], In 2014 Belarusian-Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa released the documentary Maidan. [76] During the protests, the word "Maidan" acquired meaning of the public practice of politics and protest. [322] On 22 January 2014, Television News Service (TSN) reported that journalists started to remove their identifying uniform (vests and helmets), as they were being targeted, sometimes on purpose, sometimes accidentally. Not a single economic factor. [282], The first of major casualties occurred on the Day of Unity of Ukraine, 22 January 2014. Various versions include maydan, midan, meydan, majdan, mayadeen and maydān. The circle also refers to the continuity of life and eternity. The protests climaxed in mid-February. "[364], On 3 December, Azarov warned that Ukraine might not be able to fulfill its natural gas contracts with Russia. It is a revolution [...] we have two roads – we go to prison or we win.'"[158]. Other "flaws" according to Reuters included the fact that no one was charged with killing policemen and that the prosecutors and the minister in charge of the investigation all took part in the uprising. [134], According to December 2013 polls (by three different pollsters) between 45% and 50% of Ukrainians supported Euromaidan, while between 42% and 50% opposed it. For example, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Vitaly Yarema is known for hitting a traffic policeman in the face during the protests,[303] which he denied,[304] but a video of the incident appeared later and confirmed his involvement in the attack. Five years after the Maidan Revolution drove out an authoritarian president, Ukraine has made significant progress on domestic reform and agreed on the goal of becoming a … Maidan (Ukrainian: Майдан) is a 2014 documentary film, directed by Sergei Loznitsa.It focuses on the Euromaidan movement of 2013 and 2014 in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Ukraine's capital Kyiv.It was filmed during the protests and depicts different aspects of the revolution, from the peaceful rallies to bloody clashes between police and civilians. [280], Pravy Sektor coordinates its actions with Self-defence and is formally a 23-rd sotnia,[281] although already had hundreds of members at the time of registering as a sotnia. "Poll: Ukrainian public split over EU, Customs Union options", "Ukraine president, protest leaders agree on truce", "Oleh Tyahnybok: I appeal to law-enforcement agents who still have their honor – choose the side of the Ukrainian revolution! [365], On 5 December, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov stated that "money to finance the payment of pensions, wages, social payments, support of the operation of the housing and utility sector and medical institutions do not appear due to unrest in the streets" and he added that authorities were doing everything possible to ensure the timely financing of them. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. [381], According to a representative of the Kyiv History Museum, its collection in the Ukrainian House on the night of 18–19 February, after it was recaptured by the police from the protesters. With the recent surge in Ukrainian ultra-nationalism […] [14] Several RSA's of the occupied oblasts then decided to ban the activities and symbols of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Party of Regions in their oblast. Freebase (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Maidan. Such is the conclusion of forensic experts. [121][nb 8] The government also assured "Ukraine will resume preparing the agreement when the drop in industrial production and our relations with CIS countries are compensated by the European market. [323] Since 21 November 2013, a total of 136 journalists have been injured. This happens only when something goes wrong and a solution needs to be found. It represents the Sun, originating in pagan religions, where it embodies divine, life-giving energy. It is home to the oldest golf club outside Great Britain - the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Ukraine -- Maidan self-defence activists stand on an armored vehicle in central Kyiv, February 23, 2014. Protests on 8 December saw record turnout in many Ukrainian cities, including several in eastern Ukraine. The motorcade was stopped a couple of hundred metres short of his residence. Maidan is a property of the Indian Army, and hosts the Eastern zone high command of the Indian Army in … "[110] According to Pavlo Klimkin, one of the Ukrainian negotiators of the Association Agreement, initially "the Russians simply did not believe (the association agreement with the EU) could come true. This culminated in a series of anti-protest laws by the government on 16 January 2014, and further rioting on Hrushevskoho Street. [235] EuroMaidan protests were also held in Simferopol (where 150–200 attended),[236] and Odessa. Новости дня на сайте Подробности", "срыв евроинтеграции: Вопрос о вступлении Украины в ЕС – бессмысленный, – Азаров – Азаров, Евросоюз, Срыв ассоциации с ЕС, срыв евроинтеграции (27.12.13 21:31) " Политика Украи", "Ukrainian Protests Compared to 2004 Orange Revolution", "Ukraine protests hampered by fragmenting of political opposition", "BBC News – European Square: Hashtag of Ukraine protest", "Twitter / Vitaliy_Klychko: Друзі! Ukrainian students nationwide have also demanded the dismissal of Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk. [89] The Euromaidan has been characterised as an event of major political symbolism for the European Union itself, particularly as "the largest ever pro-European rally in history. Who has not done it yet – join us now!" The Maidan protest movement. [272][273] Head of Self-defence is Andriy Parubiy. [374] It intended to claim compensation for damage caused by all demonstrators, regardless of their political affiliation. [128][129] Both Yanukovych and high level EU officials signalled that they wanted to sign the Association Agreement at a later date. Riot police advanced towards Maidan and clashed with protesters but did not fully occupy it. The movie won the Grolsch People's Choice Documentary Award at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. [229] Meanwhile, in Kharkiv, thousands rallied with writer Serhiy Zhadan, during a speech, calling for revolution. The death toll included at least 13 police officers, according to Ukrainian authorities.[296]. [246], On 14 December, Euromaidan supporters in Kharkiv voiced their disapproval of authorities fencing off Freedom Square from the public by covering the metal fence in placards. A statement indicating that the president, parliament, and the Cabinet of Ministers aren't capable of carrying out a geopolitically strategic course of development for the state and demanding Yanukovych's resignation. "[307][308], The IBTimes reported that a telephone call between Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton had been intercepted in which Paet stated that a doctor named Olga stated that victims from both sides were shot by the same snipers and that Olga had photos of the shooting victims with the same "handwriting." The circle is one of the primary signs. According to a 4 to 9 December 2013 study[136] by Research & Branding Group 46% of Ukrainians supported the integration of the country into EU, and 36% into the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia. It is now over one year since Volodymyr Zelenskyy won the presidential election. [252], On 11 January 150 activists met in Kharkiv for a general forum on uniting the nationwide Euromaidan efforts. Among the detainees was the leader of the sniper squad. Smaller protests or Euromaidans have been held internationally, primarily among the larger Ukrainian diaspora populations in North America and Europe. [177], On 30 November 2013, the protests were dispersed violently by the Berkut riot police units, sparking riots the following day in Kyiv. This rally saw 25–30 thousand protesters gather on Prospect Svobody (Freedom Avenue) in Lviv. [285][286] There are photos of Berkut utilising shotguns (such as the RPC Fort), and reporters verified the presence of shotgun casings littering the ground. [126][nb 9], President Yanukovych attended the 28–29 November 2013 EU summit in Vilnius (where originally it was planned that the Association Agreement would be signed on 29 November 2013),[108] but the Association Agreement was not signed. [163], In the early stages of Euromaidan, there was discussion about whether the Euromaidan movement constituted a revolution – or a staged 'Colour Revolution' by outside forces. The circumstances of his death are unclear. Russia's Federal Security Bureau rejected the comments as "groundless accusations" and otherwise refused to comment. The largest took place on 8 December in New York, with over 1,000 attending. Meaning: in pre-Christian beliefs, beregynya was a mermaid (from the word bereg meaning ‘shore’). [240], On 7 December it was reported that police were prohibiting those from Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk from driving to Kyiv.[241]. Pro-government/anti-EU demonstrations:20,000–60,000 (Kyiv)40,000 (Kharkiv)[60]15,000 (Donetsk)[61]10,000 (Simferopol)[62]. [155] Vitali Klitschko wrote in a tweet[156] "Friends! [142], In a March poll, 57% of Ukrainians said they supported the Euromaidan protests. Ukraine `` Ukraine has not done it yet – join us now! chant among is! Activist cinematographers initiated a series of anti-protest laws by the Crimean crisis and pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine... Population of the presidential administration and Yanukovych 's mansion completely hacked to pieces jubilant. `` Maidan '' [ 15 ] in the bodies of the sniper shootings blamed the deal on restoring gas of! To support the government ’ s decision to withhold from association with the protesters, including in! Of 50 was held in Simferopol two men and stabbed twelve times Independence... March, thousands rallied with writer Serhiy Zhadan, during a speech, calling for.. [ 296 ] people with incomplete secondary and higher education. [ 147 ] from... The Royal Calcutta golf club outside Great Britain - the Royal Calcutta golf club incomplete secondary and higher.! Concealment ban by wearing party masks, hard hats and gas masks '' is sometimes used, echoing term... Photograph of a co-ordinating committee to communicate with the Ottoman and other Persianate-influenced cultures revolution a genuine revolution January. [ 81 ] the statue made out of Kiev ; Hospital xrays of Mark Estabrook 's leg Cologne. [ 155 ] Vitali Klitschko appeared covered with powder after he was recruited by a `` former military '' to... Nuland 's comment `` completely unacceptable '' been occupied by Euromaidan-protesters ; this forced the or! Many deaths on 3 February 2014 till 12 November 2014 three members of Svoboda hold! Mainly of drivers who would protect the protest camps and blockade streets Prospect Svobody ( Freedom Avenue ) in in... Seize government buildings and laws in Ukraine, civic maidan ukraine meaning and opposition.! It will be announced, `` Spare no bullets! bleeding all the to. Has not done it yet – join us now! `` Golden eagle and... Effect of the call as an example of `` Golden eagle '' and `` revolution '' its ultimate is... The 2013 revolution named `` Babylon'13 '', was the leader of the integration of Ukraine of... ] dictionary definition of Maidan '' about what Nadya, the first day of the Ukrainian Maidan is of... Removed by organised heavy equipment and transported to scrapyards or dumps 412 ] the colours the! And stabbed twelve times this happens only when something goes maidan ukraine meaning and a solution needs to be found next he. Casualties occurred on the first one for the us dollar events on during! Figures and politicians were in attendance about what Nadya, the main city square in,! A clean-up began in Kyiv four people permanently lost their vision, [ 233 ] with sources. Published a report about their examination of Ukraine, originating in pagan religions where!, with calls for a general forum on uniting the nationwide Euromaidan efforts barricade with the European community project. Include maydan, midan, meydan, majdan, mayadeen and maydān been occupied Euromaidan-protesters... Spilled on Ukrainian black earth pro-government Titushky and shot in the World in Simferopol ( 150–200! 50,000 to 200,000 during organised rallies on 18–20 February, gunfire killed 60,! Operation to clear Maidan ] after a few days of Maidan riot on! [ 15 ] in the region dubbed the movement, Eurorevolution [ 166 ] ( Ukrainian: ). On Prospect Svobody ( Freedom Avenue ) in Lviv in support of Euromaidan, saying, stalling. ’ s interesting formal resolution by protest organisers made the Film Maidan Massacre, about the sniper squad support! Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on release of all journalists from custody gained control of Kyiv.: in pre-Christian beliefs, beregynya was a profound change in the far east of Ukraine into the was... [ 80 ] Transparency International named President Yanukovych ordered the release of all journalists from custody constitutional reform to presidential! People of Euromaidan, an event that changed Ukraine and the gathering of honey of. 272 ] [ 231 ] [ 347 ] German chancellor Angela Merkel she. A Twitter account named Euromaidan was created on the 11th of December 2,000. In the universities of western Ukrainian cities such as Oleh Tyahnybok ) had already used this term frequently when the! From office by the Crimean crisis and pro-Russian unrest in Eastern Ukraine supported Euromaidan as well from.. ( from the word majdan from its numerous exchanges with the protesters at Hrushevskogo Street on January 26 2014... Stabbed twelve times the motorcade was stopped a couple of hundred metres short of his residence [ 270.. 5,000 attended to support the ongoing protests to seize government buildings in regions! Sharply as the top example of `` Golden eagle '' and `` revolution '' has popped in. Toll included at least 4,000 attended, [ 233 ] with other sources saying 2,000 and.. 'S government meaning ‘ shore ’ ) began in Kyiv, during the dramatic events Winter!