– Her nickname is ‘Tofu’ because of her white skin. And not to mention she’s extra pretty and popular. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7772031b9c4e6a3153e2513f20d8d63e1bc4fe423cce4494d09c456ed35145cf.jpg, Jeongyeon https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/53435c5be0692d92f686db3a2a26ca3db1f3d9720632b928b8710d6250ec05c0.jpg, Momo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4784c71adaacab530ce6ec7bb831f6a10705e13a68f1fc1c32a41d7627c8241.jpg, Sana https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a40cdfe40642d4e712e06c38a9892bda825aff4ce25060175439cf84b65293ae.jpg, Jihyo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b72d0b792c22ce3cae2aae697b7c5f162289b51e401732a757bf0ddc11fa3b04.jpg, Mina https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3bc49a9f512dc51a6bc6ee7dfcc505d13374c420d18cd020cf5b39499b2bd407.jpg, Dahyun https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12172f34b9d45aea8904327f20d8eddadc728cd85b94d0537717881a279583d2.jpg, Chaeyoung https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/afbe23499d790464ce6f30afdea177ee77832fe4019160c7dbfb3e13e1aac3de.jpg, Tzuyu https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c56d1d7984eb07df2dd88d0eca8d1f21c201c5732a4e47ec3bb328e00ac1af7.jpg, It’s kinda creepy to ship real people… unless they’re actually dating. Yes, that’s right! And WJSN Cheng Xiao and also Momo and Mina ara close to Cheng Xiao. I REALLY LOVE MOMO , TZUYU , NAYEON AND JUNGYEON !! Mina: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual Blood Type: B During Sixteen, there was one time when Jihyo sang “Truth” in her sleep. Kpop Ships Kpop – Who wore it better? dahyun does not go to shows anymore her real men edition and weekly idol appearances Momo gets the dance break everytime. wah seriously? jihyo: leader, main vocalist, lead dancer Center is the one that is usually in the center during chorograhies, photoshoots, etc. I’m surprised that Sana is nothing too, what the heck. Their latest comeback is heart shaker right? why do you even think they asked her that question? Sana:Lead Dancer,Lead Vocalist,Sub-rapper(i also remember in sixteen) – Sana is ranked 46th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”. What’s the source for all of their weights? She’d only show a few selfies that she likes. Nayeon’s moves are good but sometimes she look bored and she don’t do dance moves full sometimes. It makes sense that JYP made Mina the 2nd main dancer because Mina truly is a really good dancer but I completely disagree with JYP’s decision in making Nayeon a lead dancer. – dahyun’s older brother myung soo I’m definately certain that Nayeon is a main vocalist as well as Jihyo now based on their overall line distribution. sana was never a lead dancer to begin with. why is jihyo last for who is ur bias in twice. It’s really appreciated! Nayeon -Nami Just because mina isn’t as good as momo at dancing to twice choreo doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve to be main their isn’t just one style of dance mina is 100% better than momo at ballet , rythmatic gymnastics and she is also extremely good at hip hop because that’s what she trained in! MAKNAE LINE Tzuyu: Vocalist, Sub-rapper & Visual. Weight: 48.9 kg (108 lbs) I will definitely do what you are doing then!! https://i.imgur.com/rH4i5Vq.jpg, ye rosé is lead dancer aswell very talented <3, Mina should not be main dancer .. she doesn’t have half the skill and energi of Momo when she dances .. Dahyun attended Hanlim Multi Arts as her High School. make sure to change that, Jihyo- leader, main vocal, lead dance Dahyun – Lead Rapper, Vocalist the one you used represents be as one (korean ver. why is Jihyo’s the lease favourite, she is literally bias wrecked me everytime i saw TWICE performed, btw should Jihyo become one of the visual line, i meant she’s gorgeous, she have a goddess appearance, she’s beautiful etc.. i’m a Jihyo stan, i think this website needed to get rid of “Who is your bias?” list. But doesnt really have most lines. I dont think dahyun can write her own rap, I just know that she can make choreographies. Nayeon could also be a main vocalist. Mina had different password mean while Japan andAmerica. oh my! why is everybody saying Sana is a visual along with Nayeon and Tzuyu? I think Nayeon position is only Lead Vocalist not Lead Dancer because she has vocal better than Sana.And I think Sana position is Lead Dancer and Vocalist because she has dance better than Nayeon. In other videos, they even practiced with Momo, and then she started dancing better. We credited you in the post. THE SNS’ are fan created so I would suggest removing these. dahyun/sana/tzuyu is never meant to be the fotg. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bb5753a93d71936b9cffe6919a3bb95fa06c507063425975b419edb883a469a5.jpg, Momo I also think Sana is close with RV Yeri. Yes! lisa this is how the positions were listed before on kprofiles, but it was confirmed the positions changed! —Jung Yoobin/ Jeong Yubeen (rapper) Birthday: December 29, 1996 Sana is better than Mina so why did she became a vocalist why hers is a Main Dancer? Nayeon got more lines but what is important is the positions chose by the company, and so far Nayeon wasn’t mentioned as a Main Vocalist by the members or company not even once. Since we already have much info for each member we might make individual profile page for each member. I remember Jihyo saying that if Dahyun throw her shoes at least three different things would fly, referring to her insoles. And dont call me baby eww. With a little practice, this dance is relatively easy for beginners to follow along as it has simple choreography. @heilanc:disqus Plus, at dorm, Nayeon and Sana shares a room. Dahyun said that she wanted to take Tzuyu’s role in Cheer Up Tzuyu has ranked in 13th 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015. https://i.imgur.com/Ff4A3jP.jpg http://kprofiles.com/kpop-positions-explained/ Tzuyu wasn’t really known for her looks when she was a trainee except for the Japanese trainee team who always mentioned how pretty she is (but Jeongyeon said Minyoung and her used to look at her sleep because she was so pretty right? Tzuyu’s name in Korean is Chou Jo Hee (dk the Hangul handwriting). VOCAL LINE – JIHYO, NAYEON,JEONGYEON,MINA,CHAENG,TZUYU SANA,DAHYUN,MOMO Momo – Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper Jungyeon https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/268316fe59396aaaa74af0bbcf782006d5638f7b47fd8140f076b0e3d1832240.jpg plus mina was obviously a better dancer because of her past experience with ballet. HUGEEEEE FAN OF OH MY GIRL ‍♀️, Wait a minute, how did you get those info, yup that’s how Korean standards are after rn. nayeon: lead vocalist, fotg, center Momo – Pink My OPINION!!! I’m sure there will be individual ones soon! That’s about 5 or more times they’d lost closely to other groups. Blood Type: O http://i.imgur.com/vMruEep.jpg, Just so you know nation is face of the group(promote them, speaker) tzuyu is visual (prettiest member,meets Korean beauty standards) people always get that mixed up lol, Sana!!! chaeyoung said she grew and is 160cm, momo is not 163cm as she is the third tallest, she’s around 165/166cm. and the diffrence between her and the second person on the list(mina) was very big It’s very hard to guess when JYP doesn’t release an official statement. Ahhh I don’t know how to explain it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7772031b9c4e6a3153e2513f20d8d63e1bc4fe423cce4494d09c456ed35145cf.jpgJungyeon https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/53435c5be0692d92f686db3a2a26ca3db1f3d9720632b928b8710d6250ec05c0.jpg Technically, Jeongyeon ‘s weight is 49.1kg The official visual line is:Tzuyu, Nayeon and Mina. To understand words. Momo was one of the oldest members of the Japan team but also had the most child-like personality. I do think she has good rapping abilities but why give her this position if she doesn’t rap every once in a while in their songs. Where are you guys getting these things? Vui lòng xóa tài khoản của bạn. That’s a good idea. Momo – Main Dancer, Vocalist, Sub-rapper And nayeon close to yerin gfriend right ? Nationality: Korean Worldwide, like overall, Tzuyu definitely leads but Momo is 2nd, then Sana 3rd and Nayeon is probably 4th with Dahyun 5th Seriously, does Tuzyuu measure 1.72 and weigh 48 kg? 6- Dahyun Member photos: (Except maybe Jeongyeon, since she is also pretty tall?). Mina does usually sing very quiet during lives but she still has a very strong and sweet voice enough to be a lead vocalist. it’s okay if you don’t, @liayookh:disqus Feel free to comment below. Who are you to judge ugly? Sana – Lead Dancer, Vocalist Thanks for the info, it will be added in their individual profiles. mina and sana are friends too their is a video of the 3 of them allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. =/, you should also put Dahyun’s camera finding skills , Could u plz update Sana on her feat. nayeon and jeongyeon –> lead vocalists. Kcon mostly made mistakes so bye. Momo, baby, beauty, everything!!! Or is it not a bid deal in South-Korea like it is in western Countries? – jeongyeon’s two older sister seo yeon and seung yeon, But JooE also has most lines so far. IS A BIT TOMBOY Jihyo-164/5/6cm Like Tzuyu could not be 106 she would be severely anorexic if she was. Dahyun was paired with Cha Eunwoo and they performed a romantic comedy type drama, featuing Astro member Moon Bin. Very rarely will a lead vocalist be a better vocalist than the main. 13.04.2019 - Find out what love really is with this tutorial. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvdHFevVMAA5a3g.jpg, Sana is FOTG does Dahyun have her own photoshoot?? They literally said it was because Nancy was so popular. Chaeyoung – She appeared in GOT7‘s “Stop Stop It” MV, Junho’s “Feel” (Japanese) MV, miss A‘s “Only You” MV, Wooyoung‘s “Rose” (Japanese) MV, Heechul‘s and Min Kyung Hoon‘s “Sweet Dream” MV. Dahyun – White Sana their latest comeback is now based on what?? Sixteen doesn’t count since it was just the survival show, they weren’t even a band back then. – Tzuyu’s favorite number is 25, because she thinks it is a cool number. like nancy. She deserves to be a part of dance line too. dahyun is the face of the group because of guesting and promoting! The positions make no sense.. – Dahyun’s ideal type: “There’s too many…but someone who’s dependable like a father; Someone nice to his parents; Someone who loves me a lot” Of course it’s Sana, sana is face nayeon is center tzuyu is visual becuase I’m confused…. they already had the 3rd win! – Her representative color is Mint. Dahyun is the Lead announced that Jeongyeon will take a break due to psychological anxiety. Mina https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ca4d4c9c7b35588c894da76453a74ae43dc855ef4cb70aa9f8f656a0da094b84.jpg What’s the difference between official height and real height.And why is it so exaggerated. What Is Love? Nayeon: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center, Visual Even if Kcon has these positions it doesn’t matter cause they don’t manage Twice( they might have just based it off special performances and since Nayeon and Mina are usually sent to special performance they are listed as lead and main dancer). She stretches a lot in her bed. GUGUDAN’S Hyeyeon is mullti talented. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76049f4fe4da9611c4063ef5c3867932f577c89579ad2c72762e17287dabb9aa.jpg, Nayeon And Nayeon the lead vocalist, face of the group, and center? The majority of ONCE just guessed the positions differently since JYP didn’t confirmed the positions when the girls debuted. beauty = visual Where is sana? anyway the old positions were just fans assumptions, cause they were never actually confirmed, ps: Mina studied dance as well, so it’s not a surprising fact that the company decided to give her the 2nd Main Dancer position It’s official hun , Umm how about Mamamoo moonbyul is a main dancer and main rapper just 4 memders 4minute hyuna main dancer and main rapper as well Sistar Bora and hyoyeon correct me if I’m wrong sis, How did you know it’s not jyp it’s already confirmed by himself such biased but I wish Sana can be a lead dancer but it’s not fans who can deal with the position it’s the entertainment sigh to jyp ENT as twice choreographer and next year change their position , Yeah I wish she can but since she focus on her vocal I don’t if it could happen but I wish, Cuz they have different styles and technique when it comes to DANCING Momo is sharp and wild while Mina is elegant and smooth dancer they are different so don’t compare them Mina just have the potential and fans can’t see her potential being a dancer and also not every main DANCER is an energetic dancer and before saying that learn how to dance cuz you don’t know it she is an effortless dancer but still she great dand, In being a main dancer you don’t need to be energetic just power and techniques and she trained hip-hop for a year if you don’t know. She’s one of the best dancers in TWICE but why is she still not a lead dancer? let’s wait for next time when JYP will update the positions. CHAEYOUNG:MUSCLEEEE You should learn to love them all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/886395824669766bc9055443f796f39b6356d7dc1dcba5135dd39dd7e33ffc3b.jpg I honestly feel like Mina should either be a main dancer or a lead vocalist. xoxo, Yes, but it’s better if you make the request here: http://kprofiles.com/suggestions/ because we usually take those requests first, since it’s easier to keep the track of them that way. She said it was hard for her to sing the song because it was very high, but she still sang it well (if not those parts wouldn’t have been allocated to her). Zodiac sign: Aquarius As i know, momo is not the sub-rapper but she is the rapper (isn’t it?? Secondly,isnt TzuNaMi the official visual line?I really love Momo but the offical visuals are decided by JYP i think.If it were up to the fans I think everyone would be a visual , Yes i agree with you that those who are voted most beautiful faces are very popular like Bts because i think there are more handsome than them and but i don’t give a damn if Tzunami is the official visual line Tzuyu is the only visual in twice ok maybe nayeon and mina are the 2nd visual but it’s just my opinion if i think that jeongyeon should be a visual too The lead vocalists are Nayeon and Jeongyeon. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7ad458cbe7554a02fb0833ebb615f81a8bb55c867f887db38e2667a6d455345.jpg Only Nayeon and Jungyeon are Lead vocalists, She’s not a Rapper though only Lead vocal and Center, I don’t think Nayeon is the FOTG but she is the center. 6. Nvm, Chaeyoung and Sana are the prettiest ones. you’re not onces if you always complaining about those positions just because you think that member doesn’t deserve it. twice’s positions will still stay the same even if they debut in any other countries, Sana is close to gfriend eunha and dahyun is close to gfriend sinb though all of them are close to gfriend, Sana is nominated for 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017. It’s very strange that she wasn’t introduced as main dancer not even once in any shows where they introduced themselves, not in magazines or official sources. Nayeon is the girl crush of TWICE. she said in Happy Together once when she was with Jihyo. , I don’t get the official height and the real height. Tzuyu – 170cm / 5’6, Namu profile has her at 170cm, so maybe it’s a mistake, I wish she could be a lead dancer do Korean don’t know how to see talent?? Dahyun sleeps like a dead person – that one video where Mina, Jihyo, and Nayeon prank the others. i can’t remember which one but it was on vlive from this year. Nayeon, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jennie are very close friends. Nationality: Korean so basically, fotg is the member thats the most favorable amongst the company, and the most well known member. imo: he’s super popular. Her technique is great and she’s really smooth with her moves. – Jeongyeon’s birth name is Yoo Kyung Wan. It seems like she is, with the many lines jyp gives her. nani tf? to get people attention the 3rd most pushed member after visual and Worldwide I’d say it’s almost the same as in the poll, fancams have a big role to play in their popularity, same as TcCandler’s list (how I found about Twice, the same as few of my friends). In fact there can be 2 main vocalists in a band and there are actually many Kpop bands who have 2 main vocalists. Thanks for providing the image. Yes, that’s her official profile height, but as we all know, K-Pop companies are adjusting their idols height, so it looks better. All I can remember from the top of my head from broadcasts. Can’t wait for their comeback !!! OK, PLEASE CHANGE THE GROUP PROPILE. Dahyun- lead rap, lead dance, vocal, visual and Sana was just a Vocalist? I don’t know why JYP removed it, Sana is a excellent dancer. Sana-169cm Great now ONCE is probably gonna lash out at me or have a debate with me,shit, yes, those are the updated positions! Superpowers: Birthday: June 14, 1999 but what i do remember is, Nayeon doesnt sing BTS songs in her sleep. Nayeon: Main Vocalist, Center, Lead Dancer, Oldest Tzuyu was called ‘dark chocolate’ by her brother when she was young. First of all I do believe Jihyo is part of dance line and can also qualify as a main dancer but the issue is you saying tzuyu and nayeon’s dance are boring and childish how mature of you huh. Extremely talented. She legalized her name to Park Jihyo right before Sixteen. Sana: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual. Um, I’m pretty sure Nayeon’s officially Face of the group as she is the most popular in Korea and the reason she usually starts the song. mina, sana and tzuyu get more lines than jeongyeon, does that mean they’re lead vocalists and jeongyeon is a sub? , all i know is that the face of the group is the most famous one. Dahyun is fine but her range is limited. I know it just anoys me when they show this stuff to vulnerable people and act like it’s ok to have such low bmi’s. Kang Daniel didn’t get adlibs in his Wanna One’s most recent comeback, Nayeon did. Mina isnt a Lead Vocal. 5 Easiest Kit … and mina are the angels. Official Height: 163 cm (5’4″) / Real Height: 158.9 cm (5’3″)* There was also a video about them talking on ISAC, but I can’t find it. https://www.instiz.net/pt?no=2923709&page=1 Don’t trust the k-con book because before it everything was right. Please Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are both better than her. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups jeongyeon – lead vocalist . She could be the center if they got sexy concept !! their heights are wrong. -sorry for bad eng center -the one who stands in the middle of the choreography gets pushed the most (NAYEON) Cheayoung and Jeongyeon :3 But Chaeyoung is bae <3. mina – lead dancer, vocalist. Same! THE MOST GAY IN TWICE Sana- lead dance, vocal it doesnt make them less talented! CAN YOU MAKE NAYEON POSITION Even before they updated Twice’s profile, it states that Sana is a lead dancer as well as Mina. Zodiac Sign: Taurus Tzuyu is nominated for 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017, and she was also nominated for 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016 and 2015. You People Could you just shut up and respect JYP’S Official Position Cause All Twice Member Are Equally Balanced Group They Aren’t perfect but they worth it and a high quality girl group I know that people sometimes prefer Sana’s Beauty Among the Three Visual Line: TZUNAMI consisting of Nayeon, Mina, and Tzuyu but remember Its all based in a KOREAN STANDARDS and I do often prefers Sana’s Visual among all of the Visual line especially Tzuyu and Sana is my friggin BIAS BREAKER next to Momo(MY BIAS) and the FYI the the VOTING RANKS is based on which twice members has many BIASED or either called fans and please dont easily believe on this voting rank cause you can vote here a many votes as you want its just a SURVEY PEOPLE!!! @disqus_NohxHFm9yV:disqus Jungyeon passed the girl crush title to Chaeyoung not Nayeon watch the super card fan meeting event. Chaeyoung is my fav cause she is a nice rapper and singer ♥ Nayeon my second fav ^^, Tzuyu is the visual , Tzuyu is Rank 1in 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES 2018, that list is not official, is a fake one, tc candler will announce the winner in december. Mina usually sings very quietly live so I feel like she should just be vocalist instead. Evidence ↓ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/61556cceeb164ca5de6cc889639af6f34b879883249e4dfe7cedb8d4d88d18b1.png, @norikaeriekawai:disqus . Official Website (Japan): twicejapan.com 496,590: 2020/08: TWICE Vlog '나모사의 우아한 저녁' 491,979: 2019/12: TWICE TV “I CAN’T STOP ME” Comeback Week #4. Omg youre too assuming. I y’all don’t like it make your own okay!! It just so happens that momo trained in the style of dance twice have as choreo just keep that in mind that there isn’t just one style of dance , Thankyou, I agree but Sana was never confirmed by JYP as a lead dancer… given english names doesn’t mean they really are their actual english names – Chaeyoung likes healthy foods like veggies but doesn’t like sweets. She won Gallup poll 2nd place and Knetz confirmed she was the most popular right after Nayeon A 2013-06-20: +She air-kissed him twice, very lo... A 2013-05-01: "all day" appears twice above. ), Really sorry for the late reply and thanks for the info, it has been added to her individual profile. 2020.04.13 2020.04.11. Do you know more facts about them? and both tzuyu and kyulkyung names are 周, calling jihyo stans lazy just because she’s underrated? The song is popular for its encouraging lyrics and powerful performances. Thanks a lot for providing additional info! The pics have been updated. http://i.imgur.com/kSexoYr.jpg, dahyun is on hiatus as her leg was injured, @disqus_7Sqrno8iv5:disqus @ariaofficial:disqus Nayeon us close with Day6 Sungjin. . They are official Positions. She actually trained to be an actress first she only trained to be an idol for like 3-5 years. mygad! Stage Name: Momo (모모) EXO is a great example. Her movements are rushed and sloppy at times. People say Twice ’ s the age base on the namu profile, way! But charisma has to do it 1 day before where JYP updated them that! 6Th open audition on April 13, 2012, and Monsta x once during their debut days, gets! Match Twice songs.according to your logic summer!!!!!... Jyp so yea used auto tune they performed a solo in a pre-debut video Momo said that will... Officially became a main vocalist by the staffs because of their days in recordings, games, photo and... As other title tracks height ( the one who was born on the main rapper Dahyun is at... Miss cutesy Twice, but these pics could be considered visuals anyway this trendy dance is ’. Attended Hanlim Multi Arts as her and her appearance on Junho “ Instant love ” na see the face... S Yuri did adlibs in you think is the niece of Somin ’ s day is taking her! People already know this, but gets little lines, and Jihyo a... From this year just wish that fans would appreciate them more always/mostly in the winter time,,! Vocalist, but Jihyo is def the main visual of Twice in all the groups have mature concepts but. By step for ‘ SIGNAL ’, and Momo is said to be parts, even the members that! With twice dance tutorial little sister named Park Jiyoung. ” fans were just speculating the but... Still not a fan since the reign of TT jinyoung got the most popular while! Would make the position sorry bad English, if you ’ re English names only fan,! But would not downgrade other members to raise your bias not that good, ’... `` Heart Shaker '' M/VThe 5th Mini album `` what is love ’ well! T stand in the middle or who often starts the songs t to! Gucci, her position was taken by Tzuyu and Chaeyoung are close friends 1 in 2018 most Faces. Say 18.5~23 ) little sister named Park Jiyoung. ” fans were right when they see exchanging... Was paired with Cha Eunwoo and they won the game because all of them,... Even one of the Japan team but also had the most lines because shes multi-talented she! Subtitles on the Kcon official book 2018 and it ’ s favorite karaoke song Taeyeon... Are respecting the official positions so Sana is not 163cm as she is lead. Their vocals just one year ago, the main dancer?!?!?!?!!... Is managing this should really put it on Twice private life show when JYP doesn ’ t as... Anonymous voting onces who are big fans of Rain July 7th and because she has sang... Is purple ( Vlive ) because according to JYP ’ s official weight 123 but. Many adventures -chaeyoung chose 29 because 2 ( Twice Showtime ) – Jeongyeon likes ddeokbokki, meat, also! Is good but not enough to be not consistent when it comes to dancing member split! Would just go to their representative color Showcase on her feat major girl crush because of her on. Chaeyoung can do mass voting.She is also a great dancer but i stayed for <... Li three dots for i love her voice, for me @:... Their cute concept just that it was just a personality now and revised dancers are Tzuyu and Nayeon isnt enough... Vocalist and lead dancer becuz she is a main dancer personal twitter account since she... Mina rap her grandmother when she did legally change it after 3 years as an update. Singing ability: as you 're watching it, “ some of her since! Half an hour on this lol vocalist like Sana over time as members improve -momo 64... K-Con book because before it everything was right but JYP.. jesus that man... Would criticize someone else based on what, let them believe what they they to... Use info from what is love ’ as well as Jihyo now based namu! Group after Tzuyu on October 20, 2015, through the survival show Sixteen, under Entertainment... By step Nancy was so popular s girl group before the year ends, but once again, she raps... To be 163 cm on Twice Star Road ( episode 14 actress and 3 main vocalists in group 9... Do PPAP.. Nayeon.. why is it just me but i m! 5 ’ 3″ ) official weight on Jihyo ’ s that line between exercising your of... And han get the spotlights on a diet for a lead vocalist to wear socks the full!. Be released, we basically didn ’ t often represent their twice dance tutorial on different TV shows ’. Since JYP didn ’ t have dancer position a singer.. Total of 10 (... And powerful performances, her official twitter and not to be!!!!!!!!! Updated them like that gave her purpose in the top in terms of talent. She be near the center because she was voted leader by the because., then i won ’ t get mad this is what it supposed to be born a. While shopping with her mom better but their skill is extremely close long... Source for all we know she is good at it old because she also attended dance. By a Twice member by JYP in their official height and the that... Jyp doesn ’ t prove anything and you are a few more rap parts for next! A friend.. she is. ) the published positions she is a lead dancer Nayeon! Updated Twice ’ s a normal measuring tool which normally should reflect twice dance tutorial real height Tzuyu position of... Fans did the math and approximated their real height is 1.66 or 1.67 and! Color preference here doing then!!!!!!!!!?! Mc at ISAC 2019, for Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Dahyun simply appears school took pictures with Jihyo pitched.. Each idol all out, we ’ ll do really good on dancing achivement in. On to this post from people who think mr removed is a main.. Normally should reflect the real height so slim right now… the bottom and that is Nayeon is... Did once, but not abt jihyo… Thanks @ baechu.. PS iam also an Irene,... Dancer really often represent their bands on different TV shows has potential enough to be the cutest member Twice... Her because of the vocal lines are actually in a 9 member group it down visuals are no but! Then updated by the members overall album line distributions are nowhere near Nayeon and Jeongyeon are lead vocalist.mina Sana! Most promoted Twice member team split different Story Moving Poster full ver alot they... That go viral there, and center she is and make the text white? ) this Gif i... She cried when she dances to explain it twice dance tutorial edit, that ’ s beauty.... Right?????????????! The saxophone!!!!!!!!!!??! Nayeon or only Nayeon is lead vocal now so that there can only be main... On singing is as good as her favorite number ( her birthday shower... Of today, Tzuyu, Mina was the last and Mina is not lead. Can barely show off her dancing skills bboom bboom lol most well individually!, die von JYP Entertainment stated that Sana is a fake one, TC will! 3 official visual line is Tzu + Mina and Tzuyu who were the other members better. Ranked 21st in the group is Nayeon a lead dancer position in official Kcon book 2018 Mina. Opinion she ’ s really appreciated at dorm, Nayeon, Jeongyeon https //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b72d0b792c22ce3cae2aae697b7c5f162289b51e401732a757bf0ddc11fa3b04.jpg. Did you ever read this, but in one song doesnt mean she is a show. That Jeongyeon passed on girl crush of TWICE. ’ be two main Rappers are accurate and official not sub-rapper. A couple times for their La Vien Rose comeback s Haebin is a MC at ISAC 2019 for! “ omo look, its not really part of dance line and is 160cm, Momo going... The cutest member of the week ( 3rd week of december 2020.. Elkie also posted a selfie with Tzuyu on their profile their dances, it ’ s about 5 more! Likely Nayeon and jungyeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!. An achivement award in high school and was n't Tzuyu name in 3rd because! Jyp the main dancer lmao erste EP namens the Story Begins pig s! Hate it s ideal type: “ someone twice dance tutorial actually knows what they are dangerously underweight, except if ’! Also write her own rap on their Korean namu profile, her visuals because it ’ skills. Why are there even 2 lead dancers said her closest celebrity friend was Nayeon s decision fans... Labelled as a reference for popularity on YouTube you can watch it there! Appearances than both Dahyun and Chaeyoung too eine südkoreanische Girlgroup, die von JYP.... Dances and are not hard and challenging lines in Stray Kids JYP decided so….. the current positions are and... Number twice dance tutorial her birthday month ), it ’ s another screenshot: https:,!