Please try again later. Despite growing up an hour away from Picacho Peak and even attending a civil war battle reenactment in the park, I never once climbed to the top. 5) It’s a Fairly Challenging Hike Though Time: 3-4 hours. Picacho Peak State Park is a state park surrounding Picacho Peak in Picacho, Arizona. Picacho Peak rises 1500 feet above an otherwise flat area of the Sonoran Desert creating an extraordinary 360 degree panorama. Picacho Peak features five different trails ranging in length from .2 to 3.1 miles. The distance to the top is 2.7 miles with an increase in elevation of 2,014. This is a unique trail with cables and handrails placed by the Boy scouts long ago. Picacho Peak Sunset Vista Trail: 32.636917, -111.412611 Safety The hikes to Picacho Peak are not long, but they are strenuous, and if you allow yourself to become lightheaded due to dehydration or for other reasons, it can be dangerous in the steeper areas. It is also an inactive volcano and some historical battles were fought here as well. Picacho Peak is a prominent 3,374-foot peak along I-10 in southern Arizona. We must have passed by it a thousand times over the years going back and forth between Tucson and Phoenix. MAP: paper map available at the Visitor Center PERMITS: park entrance fee is $7 per vehicle, $3 on foot or bicycle HOURS OF OPERATION: park gates are open from 5am through 10pm DESIGNATION: Picacho Peak State Park (Arizona) ... Hunter trail goes up the front of Picacho Peak to the saddle. The hike to the summit was 80 minutes which included my breaks for photos, drinks, etc. Click here for their weather and a web cam of the city. Full service campground on site, additional fee (per night) is required. Fees: $7 per vehicle fee (1-4 adults). trailhead: 15520 picacho peak rd, picacho • difficulty: difficult • distance: 2 miles (4 miles rt) • approx. The mountain has been used as landmark for travelers for centuries. We paid the $7 State Park admission and parked a short distance from the visitor center near some bathrooms, strategically so they were close-by after our 6.6-mile loop hike. The shortest hikes are also the easiest, but they still have plenty of redeeming qualities like overlooks and interpretive signs. It's right along I-10 south of Casa Grande and we've passed by it dozens of time. Picacho Peak State Park is approximately 30 minutes south of Casa Grande, located on the west side of I … Picacho Peak Trail Guide. There's a small fee to enter the Picacho Peak State Park (as of April 2009, the fee was $6). It is a volcanic mountain composed of rhyolite (mostly quartz and feldspar) that solidified at the surface approximately 35 million years ago. It’s almost vertical in places, and cables are installed to help you hoist yourself up. Description of the trail from a web-site: The trail to the… There are two trails out of the parking area, so make sure you start on the one that goes right and up towards the peak. It then has areas where you use cables to navigate the trail. However, the ~1.5 hour drive between Phoenix and the state park has been a bit of a deterrent for me. The recreation area has over 15 miles of mountain biking, hiking, and equestrian trails. What animals will I see at Picacho Peak State Park? With a unique look and massive size, its presence is hard to ignore. Little can grow natuarally in this arid land where the Colorado River struggles to avoid complete evaporation before entering Mexico and the Sea of Cortez. December, kids, outdoors, relaxing, wildlife, popular & hidden gems, 5 days in Grand Canyon National Park & Red Rock, 8 days in Grand Canyon National Park & Red Rock, November, outdoors, relaxing, beaches, wildlife, popular sights, February, slow & easy, popular & hidden gems,, FAQ for Attractions & Businesses Listed on Inspirock. Picacho Peak is one of those mountains you just have to hike! calories burned: 680-760 rt • best time of year: oct. Stats are to the peak, including the Sunset Trail segment. However, we enjoyed the couple bonding therapy of it all… Enjoy! From the start, we ascended somewhat steeply up the rocky trail. We did not bring gloves but wish we had by time we were finished. These two facts make it a very popular trail on weekends. It depends on the time of day or night, the season, and the amount of people at the park. Finally, one decade after moving out of Arizona, I've summited the peak on one of the most fun hikes I've ever done. Picacho Peak State Park / Picacho, Arizona While staying in Casa Grande, Arizona I was in search of a good hike and decided to explore Picacho Peak State Park. Summit Elevation: 3370 ft. Hiker's tip: Bring gloves. Address: 15520 Picacho Peak Rd, Picacho, AZ 85241. On Friday, January 4, 2019, while staying at Picacho Peak State Park we climbed to the top of the famous Picacho Peak. It is in Pacacho Peak State Park and costs $5.00 per vehicle to ener the park. Hike up Picacho Peak near Tucson, Arizona. Hike to Picacho Peak The first and only time I hiked Picacho Peak, that impossibly towering mountain alongside I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix, I did it with Brett on a 100-degree day . More about Picacho Peak: Picacho means “Big Peak” in Spanish, which I didn’t know… and the summit rises to 3,374 feet (1,028 m) above mean sea level. Last Saturday, we took the exit off I-10 and conquered Picacho Peak. A challenging 3.2 mile hike where you hike up, then descend quite a distance, and ascend back up plus more. Whether you are coming from the Phoenix or Tucson area, there is clear signage directing to the Park's entrance making for easy navigation. Hiking Picacho Peak via the Hunter Trail. Site design by Jennifer Mead Creative, hiked to the halfway point back shortly after Emma’s seventh birthday. ... gatorade, and snacks. Its centerpiece spire is visible from downtown Tucson, a distance of 45 miles (72 km). Unable to display map at this time. To be honest, I didn’t hike Picacho Peak until after I had graduated from college and was preparing to move to the East Coast. time: 2.5-3.5 hours • elevation gain: 1,785 feet (128 stories) • approx. This was by far the most technical hike we have attempted to date and the payoff was pretty magnificent! The summit rises to 3,374 feet (1,028 m) above mean sea level. Sticking up out of this flat desert are majestic rock monoliths that began as volcanic plugs and have been carved into wonderful shapes by the endless er… And Kleenex. We recommend avoiding the summer months or starting early in the morning when it’s cooler. If you’re like me, you have probably passed Picacho Peak State Park several times, and thought about hiking to the top “someday.” Well congrats on finally turning “someday” to now! The land In the far southeastern corner of California, near the town of Yuma is one of the starkest desert landscapes in the world. The reason why this varies so much is because on a busy day you will more than likely have to wait for other hikers to climb up before you can so there might be … Picacho Peak State Park hard (367) Length: 5.4 mi • Est. For the last day of January 2010, Nolan decided we should hike to the top of Picacho Peak. 15520 Picacho Peak Rd, Picacho, AZ 85141, USA, Create an itinerary including Picacho Peak State Park. We began our hike at the Hunter Trailhead. Meeting Location: Fairacres Post Office, 3800 W Picacho Ave. 4) The Views Aren’t Limited to the I-10 Flickr User Jim Loftus. The descent was closer to 60 minutes--but you'll want to build in time to soak up the peak. Winter months. This spring I … What turned out to make this park entirely worth the stay was the hike to the summit of Picacho Peak. Date of experience: December 2013 Ask kraayzizou about Picacho Peak State Park Hike The peak and the land around it is a state park. The summer is way to hot. Picacho Peak via Hunter Trail is a 3.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Picacho, Arizona that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. This is one of two trails in Picacho Peak State Park that takes you to the peak and it is a must do in spring due to the abundance of wildflowers. Most people visit Picacho Peak State Park to hike one of the five available trails - or to camp overnight when the weather is nice. You can hike all the way to the top! Picacho Peak is a 4959-foot high peak just northwest of Las Cruces. Date and Time: September 22, 9 AM – 12:30 PM. The most popular route, the Hunter Trail, takes you to the top of the mountain. Hike Summary. Picacho Peak is a premiere destination for anyone traveling down I-10. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from September until May. Although most of the recreational use occurs on the peak, there are also large canyons and mesa tops to explore. 3 h 16 m This hike contains a cable climb approximately 2 miles into the route. This hike is within the boundaries of Picacho Peak State Park. This is the easier of the two peak hikes. The hike up Picacho Peak on Hunter Trail is short but rated as difficult. a classic southern Arizona hike up the Hunter Trail and down the Sunset Vista Trail via the cables on Picacho Peak. When To Climb. For more information about Picacho Peak, check out Picacho Peak, halfway between Tucson and Phoenix, is one of the best short hikes in the state of Arizona, and with the weather still cool and wildflowers in bloom, now is the time to get out there. That was perhaps not the best choice for a steep rocky climb that offers very little shade. November through march is the best. View fullsize. Picacho Peak is open for day use only and closes at sunset. The average time taken to climb Picacho peak is two and a half to four hours as a round trip. The view from the peak seems almost other worldly. Hours: Park is open 5AM – 10PM daily. The relatively short, 6.2-mile (10 km) distance took four hours to complete. There is a very obvious sign next to the correct trail that says “Hunter Trail To the Top of the Peak”. Before venturing out on a hike, stay safe with my suggestions for safe hiking: Simple and Safe Hiking Practices for Every Hiker It’s also a great place to stop for a hike — one that will test your fear of heights and make you weak in the knees. Sunset Vista Trail takes you on a pleasant and colorful 3.1 miles on the south side of Picacho to the peak. Picacho Peak is a familiar landmark to anyone who drives Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson. For a couple of Coloradans who are used to hiking trails with elevation gain and exposure, this adrenaline-pumping hike was an unexpected gem in the middle of the Arizona desert. The descent off Picacho Peak is a little rough and rocky (Photo: Megan Kopp) Following the road and the trail just off the road back to our truck, we made a complete the circuit. This trail is well marked and located between the Tucson and Phoenix areas. This hike provides exceptional 360-degree views of the valleys surrounding the peak as well as many other significant mountain peaks and ranges in the area. During hotter times of year and towards the middle of the day, the heat can make the trek up pretty brutal. Casa Grande is the closest city to Picacho Peak. Participant Limit: 12 The park is located between Casa Grande and Tucson near Interstate 10 in Pinal County. This area is also the setting of the only Civil War battle fought in Arizona. Picacho Peak State Park is one of the most characteristic landmarks of the drive between Phoenix and Tucson, and I have been wanting to explore this mountain for a very long time. Overview Between Phoenix and Tucson lies this mysterious peak jutting out of the desert. People made note of the peak as far back as the Anza Expedition in the 1700s. This 1.5 mile hike to the peak provides spectacular views of the Mesilla Valley and the Organ Mountains. 3) Picacho Peak Has Been Enjoyed by Europeans For a Long Time flickr User Matthew Dillon.